Stephen Chambers

Stephen Chambers

Science Director

As our science director, Stephen works to ensure that Testing Technologies Inc. follows GLP (Good Lab Practices). Good Lab Practices isn’t just a phrase; it is a system of requirements that ensures that a laboratory is functioning in a manner that meets basic requirements for acceptable science. Most important for you, this means that any of your sample results are based firmly in science and are a true representation of the sample that we were supplied. Good Lab Practices requires that the instrumentation being used to perform your tests is maintained and running at peak efficiency, and this is one of Stephen’s strengths as well.

Stephen has over 10 years of experience in providing maintenance and training for the complex instruments that are used in the daily operation of a laboratory. In addition, he is a gifted teacher and has trained employees in the use of these instruments. His contribution to our lab is, without exception, of enormous value to our day-to-day operation.


  • Bachelors of Science – Western Washington University – Bellingham, WA