Our Services

Testing Technologies Inc. is a full-service I-502 analytical laboratory. We test cannabis for potency, pesticides, microbiology, mycotoxins, terpenes, residual solvents, water activity, and moisture content. We offer an extensive range of testing and consulting services to I-502 clients, all at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Our Pesticides Testing

Testing Technologies Inc. uses the most advanced instrumentation of any lab in Washington state to test our growers’ cannabis for pesticides, which can pose health risks to consumers. Our instruments are equivalent to the instruments used by the WSDA, and our method additionally tests for the greatest amount of pesticides out of any lab in Washington state.

Our Affordable Prices

Our prices are among the lowest in the industry. We offer straightforward pricing, with no games and no contracts. Unlike other labs, we don’t require that you buy a inflated I-502 package to take advantage of any of our services. We offer cash discounts, volume discounts, and 30-day terms with discounts available.

Our Pickup Info

We pick up samples throughout the state of Washington free of charge. Contact us today to set up a pickup at your site.

Our Terpene Testing

Ours is the only laboratory to use solvent extraction and direct injection analysis by GC/FID, for consistent terpene quantification and the highest level of accuracy and precision in plant terpene profiles. We care about helping you to identify all cannabis terpenes, not just the main ones.
Testing Technologies Inc. is an advanced cannabis testing facility founded in 2014.

We provide a full array of accurate and prompt cannabis testing services to producer-processors, retailers, and licensed medical consumers across Washington state.

Welcome to Testing Technologies Inc.

Our laboratory’s potency, microbial, terpenes, and residual solvent testing all adhere to the rigorous standards set in place by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. We take pride in our ability to deliver excellent customer service, in-depth consultation, and accurate results to each of our clients.

We are trusted by many of the state’s leading growers and processors.

The Emerald Test™

Our laboratory meets the standards of The Emerald Test™, an Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program for cannabis testing facilities. The Emerald Test™ guarantees that Testing Technologies Inc. provides accurate testing for cannabis quality and safety.

Federal and State Standards

We adhere to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), are in compliance with ISO 17025:2017, and are accredited by the WSLCB. By adhering to such strict practices, we guarantee our customers reliable and accurate analysis. Our methods are fully validated and are accepted throughout the I-502, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Testing Technologies Inc. does more than meet these standards. We exceed them.