Larry Ward

Larry Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Larry is in his third career.

His first career began when he moved to Washington, D.C., to work as a legislative assistant for a congressman. For Larry, Washington, D.C., was like a finishing school. Being at the seat of “power” taught him how to keep things in perspective, and how not to be overly impressed by anyone’s title or rank.

From Washington, D.C., Larry moved to Kitsap County where, having never built anything before, he founded his second career: a successful construction company. Though he began the company working as a laborer, he soon worked his way up from the bottom. Over the next twenty years, Larry was recognized twice as builder of the year for Kitsap County and was once voted builder of the year for the entire state of Washington. Larry credits this career with teaching him humility and showing him that he had the ability to create a thriving company.

Finally, Larry opened Testing Technologies Inc. as a certified I-502 lab in December of 2014. He founded the lab because he wanted to be involved in the new marijuana industry. With his previous rewarding experience in running a successful company, he felt confident that he could jump-start a successful lab as well. Though he adroitly handles the business side of the company, Larry has hired scientists with excellent credentials to run the science side of the business. Six years into the testing business, Larry is still as passionate about marijuana, the science and testing of marijuana, and the growers that hire Testing Technologies Inc. as ever. For Larry, it is deeply important that Testing Technologies Inc. goes out of its way to provide services that growers need to be successful: quality testing methods, quick turnaround times, answers to any science questions they might have that effect their crops, and market-level pricing. Among Larry’s finest qualities are his strong commitment to providing growers with the best services, and the care and concern that he has for helping growers be the most successful that they can be.


  • Associate of Arts Degree in United States History – College of San Mateo – San Mateo, CA
  • Bachelors of Arts Degree in Medieval History – University of Washington – Seattle, WA
  • Masters of Public Administration – University of Washington – Seattle, WA